Bamboo is the strongest and fastest growing plant in the world, and is thus a sustainable material. The manufacturing process consist only of cutting and heating to 100°C, making it a natural, green product. Customers can choose to have the packaging printed with logo and/or text. Contact us for more information about the options… Continue reading Chopsticks

Bamboo Tooth Picks

Bamboo Tooth Picks are stronger and last longer than other tooth picks. During manufacture they are cut, then heated up to 100°C. There is no taste from the wood and it’s great choice for the environment. The packaging comes in different size. Restaurants can also chose logo and print on each tooth pick. Retail business… Continue reading Bamboo Tooth Picks

Bamboo BBQ sticks

  Bamboo is the best wood for barbecuing. The stick is strong and withstands a lot of heat before it burns. The BBQ sticks are made from natural untreated bamboo – safe for food and flavorless. Comes in different sizes and packaging. Contact us about your specific needs.