Protective Covers

Our material choices are based on long life use.

Industrial Equipment Covers

Some equipment needs to be be operated while having a protective cover. We make covers with windows and doors openings, making it easy to operate and easy to clean. With Clear PVC windows you can operate the equipment without removing the cover, making it easier to keep the equipment clean and protected from dirt and… Continue reading Industrial Equipment Covers

Protective covers for outdoor furniture

Parasols, sun sail, pillowcases and covers for outdoor furniture. The outdoor covers have UV protection and are waterproof and comes with welded seams, making it 100% waterproof. To protect covers against strong wind we use straps inside the fabric connected to ratchets to easily tie downs securely hold the cover in place.    

Custom made cover for Jacuzzi

Our custom made Protects the Jacuzzi top cover against water and wind. After a few years of use the original Jacuzzi top cover will show some wear and tear and may start absorbing humidity. The locking mechanism on the original cover may be weakened and the cover may at one time blow off during heavy… Continue reading Custom made cover for Jacuzzi